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The Goal

My goal with the craft room refresh was to create an energizing space to craft, work, and do everything in between.

I had a few requirements:

  • Hang a glass whiteboard for craft and work brainstorming.
  • Clear some floor space to have a meditation/mindfulness area.
  • Make the space as modular as possible so that I could easily adapt to different types of activities.
  • Mount my monitors to clear extra desk space.

The Design

A 3D model of my craft room and craft closet. Craft Room

The "craft" side of the room before and my "final" design sketch. Craft Room

The "work" side of the room before and my "final design sketch. Craft Room

The colors I picked. Craft Room

The Execution

My EZ View 3.0 Desk is too big to go out the door without being disassembled so I tarped it off in the center of the room and got to work. Craft Room

Lesson Learned... Buy the extended roller. For some reason I thought I'd be fine painting with my step ladder and hand roller. My arms are still sore. Craft Room

After the white primer I taped a border down the walls to make the room look taller with some faux ceiling molding. This also meant I didn't have to hand brush the top of the room as I could roll all the way to the top without painting the ceiling. I decided on the asymmetrical paint scheme mainly so that I could have both colors drying at the same time by utilizing the white area behind the tape as part of the transition between colors. The stripes were a last minute decision that I totally love. Craft Room

Little Cups the foreman supervised. Craft Room

The Final Space

Glass whiteboard for brainstorming. More asymmetrical paint transitions. New Levelor cordless blind. Craft Room

More modular space where I added some additional display shelves to the existing Elfa. On the left are the Akro Mils drawers which are now hung high enough that I can park my stainless steel carts below them to clear some floor space. Another day I'll paint them to match the walls but I ran out of time. Craft Room

My cutting machine tucks nicely into the corner. My meditation pillow has a nice storage location below the right portion of the desk. Craft Room

The cats love to sit in the window and watch the neighbors so I made sure I'd have space to put one of the carts in front of the window for a perch. I kept most of this wall white to have a bright area for craft pictures. Craft Room

My favorite view of the room. I went with frame ledges to have the ability to swap out art easily. Michael's had buy 1 get 2 free frames so I picked up some 5x7 frames as a way to display some of my stock-on-hand cards. I'm so excited to have the monitor on the wall for any craft tutorial videos that go along with my crafting project. Craft Room

Keeping plants alive is not a skill I possess. I couldn't resist adding a few fake succulents. Craft Room

I could not be happier with my craft room refresh. The project took me 5 days total.

Thanks for reading!

Natasha Tomasik (a.k.a. Natasha As A Service)


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