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Up 2009

Up 2009

Up 2009

Leadership Lesson - Adventure Is Out There

“Change is the only constant in life.” -Heraclitus, Greek philosopher

My sketchbook is a snapshot of just a few months of my adventure into leadership. The only constant during this time has been change. Some of the changes I've handled well. Other changes I could have handled better.

The underlying theme of many of my sketchbook leadership lesson blog posts is that the best way to navigate through your adventure is to reflect and learn from your experiences.

When I accepted my first leadership position 10 months ago I knew I was in for a wild ride but I had no idea where things would go. There is no way to know what the next 10 months or 10 years hold but I sure am excited to find out.

Thanks for following along with my adventure. It's time to have a new one.

Introduction (Written Last)

Up 2009

Not knowing how my book would change over time I created the introduction page last so that viewers in the digital library would know what the sketchbook was about. Here is what the intro says:

What's this book about?

I'm a new leader and think about leadership a lot. I notice leadership lessons (both good and bad) in movies more now. Brand new plot lines about leadership, which I had never noticed, emerged from movies I had seen so many times before.

I decided to start a blog... about my sketchbook... about movies... about leadership. Yes, it sounded just as crazy and hard to describe when I started. I thought if I just started it would come together and make sense eventually.

During the process the book and blog evolved into something that was uniquely me. A leadership blog to inspire creative problem solving. My sketchbook would be just one way that I used art to share some of my lessons learned on leadership with others.

For more details on the leadership lessons and craft supplies behind each page of this book check out my blog,

Thanks for reading!

Natasha Tomasik (a.k.a. Natasha As A Service)

Final Farewell

I've got this covered

Up 2009

I shipped my sketchbook off by the deadline, 3/30/2019. In order to hit the deadline I delayed the blog post for the last 10 movies and today I'm officially finally caught up. :)

In a few more weeks the archival scanning process will be complete and you'll be able to view the full Crafty Little Leader sketchbook in the Brooklyn Art Library Sketchbook Project Digital Library.

Crafty Little Leader will also be traveling to a few cities across the country as part of the 2019 Volume 14 Sketchbook Tour. After traveling, Crafty Little Leader will reach its final home on a shelf at the Brooklyn Art Library with over 41,000 other sketchbooks from over 130 different countries.

If you're a fan of Crafty Little Leader and are sad to see the end, don't worry. I've already purchased a 2020 sketchbook so that I can start volume 2!

Craft Lesson

This section is for anyone who wants to nerd out on some craft supplies.

Does anyone else ugly cry during some of the scenes of Up?

I wanted to capture some of the emotion of the adventure book and the hand written message from Ellie for my last sketchbook pages.

I sketched the house and balloons with my Micron fineliners and Copic markers. My hand literally was sore after drawing and coloring all of those balloons individually.

I wrote the quote with a Micron fineliner and framed it in a Say Cheese polaroid frame cut from Fog Cardstock. The holographic paper and white baloon background were cut using Stitched Rectangle Stackable dies.

Thanks for reading!

Natasha Tomasik (a.k.a. Natasha As A Service)


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