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Page 26 - The Lion King

The Lion King 1994

The Lion King 1994

Leadership Lesson - Strive For Balance

A few posts ago I mentioned that taken too far any of the leadership lessons in this blog can be bad leadership practices. Leadership is all about finding balance and helping others find balance.

I thought I'd recap a few of the leadership lessons from previous blog posts and talk through what over-use might look like:

Page 10 - Babe

  • Lesson: Bring Good News - Make sure to mix positive interactions into your day

  • Over-use: Being over complimentary, especially if the receiver doesn't deserve the compliment, will dilute the meaning of your legitimate compliments. It feels better to receive customized feedback than to get a participation ribbon.

Page 15 and 16 - The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

  • Lesson: Measure What Matters - Have measurable goals and be honest with your progress

  • Over-use: Having too many goals can lead to no meaningful progress on any of the goals. Be very mindful of how resourcing aligns to goals because failing all goals can be demotivating if you're spread too thin.

Page 17 - Inception

  • Lesson: Share Your Ideas - Create an environment where ideas are freely shared and discussed

  • Over-use: Focus too much on new ideas and you will constantly be chasing shiny objects never finishing what's currently on your plate. When others are executing on your ideas try not to be attached to all the little tactical details that you envisioned or you may end up micromanaging a process into place that just doesn't fit.

Page 23 - What A Girl Wants

  • Lesson: Embrace What Makes You Different - Productive conflict is better than artificial harmony

  • Over-use: Pick your battles. If you are hard to work with people will find a way to work around you. Sometimes it won't be your recommendation that gets selected. Once the decision has been made know when it's time to "disagree and commit".

Achieving balance is one of those skills that's usually learned the hard way. The best thing to do when you get off balance is to reflect and learn what you can from the situation to help out in the future. No one is perfect.

Craft Lesson

This section is for anyone who wants to nerd out on some craft supplies.

Throughout my sketchbook I've conquered my fear of sketching. Now I love the freedom of a blank piece of paper and an idea. I used my Micron fineliners and Copic markers to draw the scene of Mufasa in the clouds of Pride Rock.

The quote was stamped using Riley's ABCs onto a Stitched Rectangle Stackable of No. 2 Pencil Cardstock.

Simba the lion is from the Wild For You stamp set. I colored Simba in with my Copic markers and added some glitter using a Wink Of Stella Glitter Brush Pen.

You can see the DVD case storage method I use for my stamp and die sets in the second picture.

Thanks for reading!

Natasha Tomasik (a.k.a. Natasha As A Service)


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